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Old School New Body: The Key to Ideal Figure in All Ages


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If you are looking for a product that will help you to build a good, healthy figure, you will know that old school new body is one that can help you to get the figure you have in dream. This program is created by Steve and Becky Holman, and it is the right choice many people have tried.

This product is made especially for helping people in their thirties and forties, but people in younger age, such as twenties, can get even more advantages as they maintain their health from a young age. This is a program that is suitable for both women and men.

This product offers F4x workout, which is a system that Steve and Becky use for maintaining their body. It is a system that can be done by both women and men, but it can make it possible to make a different result. It is the same case on Steve and Becky who are working out together; Steve has a more muscular body, because he has more weight on protocol movements of this F4X.


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Old School New Body’s F4X Phases

Actually, the protocol of F4X has three phases: F4X Lean, F4X Shape and F4X Build. The first phase is about doing the protocol with a little variation in nutrition and movement styles. This phase will not make you spend time on going out and running a few miles or four hours a day doing cardio.

This phase will help you to lose some weights with some variations and also the meal plan of F4X Lean. Some people may decide to stop right here, as they have lost some weights. It is your choice; you can do the same or decide to do the next phase for even a greater frame.

The next phase, F4X Shape, is the phase that should be proceeded after losing some weights on the first phase. Just like what Becky did, she lost her weights on the first phase and then she decided to make a little bit muscles on her figure. Just after this phase, Becky made her figure even better looking. F4X Build, the third phase, just like its name, will build your body just exactly like you want it to be.

This phase will show even more of your muscle. It will be muscular, without looking too big as Hulk, but will make yourself look reliable in your kids’ eyes and you will not have problems in entering the house when your body is bigger because of the not healthy process. This phase uses the same foundational plan, which includes diet and simple tweaks to the lifts.


Pros and Cons of Old School New Body

For the pros and cons of this product, there will be many advantages than its disadvantage. This program is one of the best you can try, it does not cost you shipping cost, it does not provide you wrong and unhealthy diet process, and it gives a real, long-term and healthy result. For the cons, as it is old school new body PDF, you may need to read each of the words written. If you are not very fond of reading, then it will be a little problem. Compared to the pros, this con will not be big.

I have been trying the F4x, exactly on the first phase, where I am reaching my goal in losing 25 kilos. I am now losing 18 kilos, which is 7 kilos near to my goal. The system does not make me uncomfortable, but instead, I feel very glad to know and try on old school new body of the expert; Steve and Becky.


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